Intelligence. Stealth. Adaptability

The black leopard, aka the black panther, is one of the stealthiest, opportunistic and most adaptive of the big cats. This stealth allows the black panther to hunt with great effectiveness.

With a varied palate and diet, the black panther is a noted survivalist, quite capable of adapting in many different environments. This survivability has kept the black panther better off than most of the big cats, and off the endangered list.

We can certainly learn some adaptability from the black panther and other big cats in dangerous situations that require practical self-defense. No matter how well trained you are, life-threatening situations aren’t choreographed; they will not be an exact replica of your training sessions in the gym or dojang.  Consequentially, we must be flexible and strong and always adapt to the situation as needed.

A calm, confident, flexible but assertive posture we can help us to successfully defend ourselves. Flow with the situation but still retain control of it. Don’t entertain fear. Focus on the task at hand, believe in yourself and in your training.  Also remember the ABCs of Self-Defense (see here).




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