Dominate Your Determined Domain

What domain have you determined for yourself? What do you see yourself doing? Why settle for just doing it, participating in it? Why not dominate it? Why not rule and commandeer it? After all, it is your domain, right?  After all you came up with it, right?  After all, it’s your brain-child, your contemplation, imagination and creation, right? Then who best to subdue and dominate your creation, and making it fruitful, but you?  Who will best understand it, love it, perpetuate it and make it into a beautiful and grand legacy? What will speak for you long after you’re gone, but your works? Who or what will commend you to others and plead your cause before men, when your eyelids have drawn tightly shut, except your legacy? Then I ask you, what are you teaching this legacy to say? What beauty has been invested in this legacy so that when it’s blossoms expand and express themselves in their full glory, you won’t be ashamed of what they might say? Will your legacy honor or humiliate you? If you’d prefer the former, then dominate your determined domain!


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